About the Bank

The Russian Regional Development Bank (RRDB) was established with active state participation.

The status of the bank is specified in Decree N905 of the Government of Russia dated 7 September 1995 “On Foundation of the Russian Regional Development Bank”. RRDB was registered with the Bank of Russia on 27 March 1996.

Today, RRDB is a credit organization developing dynamically, a universal banking institution providing a full range of financial services. According to its balance sheet figures, RRDB is the most stable and reliable domestic bank. For the last few years it has been part of a group of leading banks through the guarantees of which credits of the Bank of Russia may be granted. All deposits in RRDB are insured in accordance with the Federal Law On Insurance of Deposits of Individuals in the Banks of the Russian Federation.

Each year RRDB consolidates its financial position further. This is reflected in the ratings awarded by specialized publications and Russian rating agencies. Moody’s, the world leading rating agency, confirms the RRDB current ratings, including its financial stability rating. The agency reported satisfactory liquidity, growing performance indicators, and good potential for business expansion.

The Russian Regional Development Bank is an active participant on the Russian market of corporate bonds and constantly features among the largest investment institutions on account of the number of its bond programs.

RRDB main program is to launch and serve the international cards Visa International and MasterCard Worldwide. The Bank has its own processing center and offers to its customers the most up-to-date banking products based on advanced information technology.

RRDB considers the particularities of its customers business and offers a flexible and individual approach to all. The Banks trademark lies in the professionalism of its employees and managers at all levels. It is precisely this professionalism that has allowed long collaborations between the Bank and the largest Russian companies.

The Russian Regional Development Bank takes an active part in the organization of cultural, social and sport events, as well as in sponsorships and charities. The Bank is a member of social and professional organizations such as the Bank’s Association RUSSIA,   National Financial Association and others.