Brokerage operations with securities

Russian Regional Development Bank offers investors brokerage services in the stock market.

Brokerage services give investors the opportunity to independently manage their savings, expand options for investing in capital, and implement investment strategies with different risk-return ratios:

  • to build a portfolio of bonds to generate income comparable to the rates of bank deposits

  • to build a long-term portfolio of shares of companies with high dividend yield

  • to build a short-term or medium-term portfolio of shares of companies with high growth potential of the market value.

Bank provides investors with direct access to the stock section of Moscow Stock Exchange PJSC (shares and bonds of Russian issuers). Customers with the status of “qualified investor” or who meet the requirements for obtaining this status are granted access to the over-the-counter foreign securities market.

RRDB provides brokerage services for a wide range of individuals and legal entities, professionals and new securities market participants.

The following ways of submitting instructions for buying and selling securities are available to bank customers:

  • submission of orders for transactions in hard copy;

  • submission of voice orders for transactions by phone using a password identifying the customer;

  • submission of orders for transactions through the QUIK online trading system with direct access to exchange trades.

Brokerage services are performed in accordance with the “Regulation of the RRDB (JSC) Bank on rendering brokerage services”, to join which clients are invited to sign the relevant application at the bank's office. Within the framework of the regulations, the clients can open a classic brokerage and/or personal investment account (PIA).

Personal investment account (PIA) - is a brokerage account with a separate taxation regime that allows the client to choose a benefit in the form of an annual tax deduction (up to 52,000 rubles) on the amount of contributions to PIA or in the form of a tax deduction for the income received from PIA (if there is no account less than three years from the date of opening).