Golden Crown

The Russian Regional Development Bank offers a possibility to make money transfer without opening of a bank account to any part of the world through the following international money transfer and payment systems:

With RRDB, you can make a quick and inexpensive money transfer to your relatives or friends in Russia or abroad, and make payments to legal entities for any goods or services.

Golden Crown Money Transfers

The Russian Regional Development Bank offers a possibility to make instant addressless money transfers across Russia and to the neighboring countries: Abkhazia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, and Ukraine, as well as to other foreign countries through the Golden Crown System without opening a bank account.

The Golden Crown Money Transfer System has been operating in the money transfer market since 2003 and services the whole FSU territory through over 34,000 service points.

Advantages of Golden Crown Money Transfers

  • expansive network of money transfer sending and collection points ensured by participating banks
  • fastness of the transfer - money can be received immediately after they were sent
  • no address required - when making a transfer the sender only needs to specify the country and the city/town where the money needs to be sent. The recipient can chose any money collection point at his or her own discretion.
  • low charges on transfers to CIS countries and across Russia - starting from 0.5%
  • SMS notification of the recipient and sender on the transfer status
  • Possibility to check the status of transfers on-line through the System's website
  • possibility to make money transfers through Svyaznoy, Euroset, MTS, TNK-BP retail chains.

To make a money transfer with RRDB via the Golden Crown System

  • Visit any RRDB office
  • Present an identification
  • Present the Sender's Card (Those who sends money though Golden Crown Money Transfer System for the first time are issued the Card free of charge).
  • Give to an RRDB clerk information regarding the amount and recipient of the transfer, and state the country and city/town where the recipient is to collect the money
  • Pay the required amount plus the charge a per effective rates
  • After the transfer is made, the recipient will receive an SMS notification with a transfer control number
  • After the money was collected, the sender will receive an SMS notification that the money was collected by the recipient

Sender's card

For the convenience of money transfers in the RRBD you can get a "Golden Crown" sender's card. All relevant data about the sender and the possible recipients are entered into the database once. This reduces the risk of errors in writing data; release the sender from the need to fill forms the next time and significantly reduces the service time. In case of having the Sender's Card the service time does not exceed 3 minutes. The card is issued free of charge.

To receive a money transfer made via the Golden Crown System in RRDB

  • Upon receipt of the SMS notification, visit any RRDB office in the respective city/town
  • Present an identification
  • Give the transfer control number to the operator
  • Transferred money can be collected without any commission almost immediately after the money was sent. (Allowance should be made for operating hours of service points and a possible time difference between different time zones.)
  • Transferred money can be received in all Russian cities/towns where partner banks of the System are operating.

Additional Conditions

  • Money transfer through the Golden Crown System may be made in one of the following three currencies: Rubles, US Dollars and Euro
  • The maximum amount of a one-time money transfer if 500,000 Rubles or a Ruble equivalent of 20,000 US Dollars/15,000 Euro
  • The amount of money that may be transferred via the Golden Crown System is established in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation. Within one banking day, citizens of the Russian Federation are permitted to transfer abroad the amount of up to 5,000 US Dollars or an equivalent amount in other currency. Equivalent amounts are calculated at the rate of the Bank of Russia as of the date of acceptance of transfer by the Bank. For citizens of foreign states, no limitations apply as to the amount of transferred funds.
  • Beyond the territory of the Russian Federation, transferred money are paid out subject to the legislation of the country of transfer.
  • The Bank does not accept money transfers from physical persons if such transfers are intended for the purposes of business activities, investment or acquisition of real estate.