Money transfers

Transfers are carried out in Russian rubles and foreign currency from a bank account or without opening a bank account.

You can always transfer money to any bank in and outside Russia by providing the exact details of the receiver and the receiver's bank.

RRDB offers many ways of transferring money allowing:

  • Transferring money to parents, children, relatives, friends or acquaintances living, studying or working in Russia and other countries
  • Paying for goods and various services (including, utilities, mobile phone, internet-provider, etc.)
  • Receiving money transfers to your bank account or to you in person (without opening a bank account) in RRDB branches

Main advantages of bank transfers:

  • Possibility to choose the currency
  • Possibility to transfer from a bank account without limits on the transfer amount (including payment under an agreement) upon submission of supporting documents
  • Reduced commission rates when transferring within the bank branch network
  • Possibility to transfer to individuals and legal entities
  • Reliability, confidentiality

  Monetary funds can be transferred from one card to another