Pension program

Russian Regional Development Bank offers a comprehensive program for servicing individuals of retirement age. Its goal is to provide more flexible terms of service for older clients, to offer a particularly considerate and careful attitude to their savings.

Within the program, RRDB offers several products that can be used whith provision of pension certificate:

Current account for the transfer of pensions from the Pension Fund

RRDB opens the current account for the transfer of pension from the Pension Fund, for which interest is accrued at a rate of 4% per annum.

Pension Bank Cards

Pension cards are a modern and convenient means of accumulating savings. They are designed to get money from the Pension Fund by customers. At the same time, RRDB monthly accrues on pension savings on the card account an increased interest of 4% per annum. The main bank cards MIR Classic and VISA Electron to holders of pension certificates are issued for free.

“Pension Capital” deposit

Special deposit with democratic and affordable conditions. The minimum amount required for opening is 1,000 rubles, there are no restrictions on the deposit amount credited.

There is a possibility of step-by-step increase of the interest rate: as soon as by additional deposits, savings in the account will reach a certain amount, the depositor automatically starts to receive income based on the interest rate for a higher amount of graduation in accordance with the tariff plan of this deposit.

Interest can be capitalized and increase the deposit amount, or be transferred to the current account or a plastic card account.