Deposits of the Russian Regional Development Bank are a good way of making money

The bank offers the following deposits

Pension Line

Deposit "Pension Line"


Deposit "Right-2"


Deposit "Classic" 
for steady growth of savings

Smart Money

Deposit "Smart Money"
possible to open and top-up this deposit using an ATM


Deposi t"Comfortable" offers the possibility to top-up and withdraw money partially; allows disposing of the money invested more freely


Deposit "Growing" 
offers the possibility to top-up and credit the interests accrued to the deposit amount


Deposit "Profitable" 
offers the possibility to top-up and select the mode of payment for interests; allows to protect your money from inflation and to get a VISA Classic at a special rate without charging commission for issuance and annual service free


Deposit "Multicurrency"  
possible to top-up, allows managing funds by redistributing them from one currency to another, decreasing the negative effect of currency fluctuations

Special Status

Do you possess a substantial amount of money and wish to securely invest them? "Special Status" Deposit The Special Status Deposit offers additional opportunities for major depositors: monthly capitalization of interest on the deposit with a right to replenish and withdraw a part of the deposit. Clients making a deposit in Euro, US Dollars or RF Rubles will be issued a VISA GOLD card free of charge.

Should you have any questions on these services
please contact the operation department of the
Retail Business Department