Deposits offered by the Russian Regional Development Bank is a great opportunity of income generation!

You can establish fixed term deposits in Russian Rubles, US Dollars and Euro.

Any needs of our customers can be accommodated by deposit options offered by RRDB to individuals. 

“Income generating” deposit
This deposit is for those who want to obtain the maximum return on savings – the rate is attractive and interest will be accrued on a monthly basis.
“Savings” deposit
This deposit is for persons with extensive plans – a rallying interest rate, option to choose a deposit term within the accuracy of a day and to replenish the deposit.
“Depositor-friendly” deposit
This deposit is for those who are fully engaged in management of their savings – interest will be paid on a regular basis, the option of the deposit replenishment and partly withdrawal of the deposit without loss of interest (within a minimum balance) is available.
“Mortgage” deposit
“Mortgage” deposit is offered by RRDB to those seeking to live out their dream of becoming an owner of a cozy housing by purchasing an item of property in future: while you are planning your heartwarming purchase, your savings are increased thanks to this deposit.
“We grow together” deposit
Do you start saving money toward education of your children? You will save a required amount quickly thanks to “We grow together” deposit. This type of deposit can be replenished any time you want, a compounding interest option is available when time of the deposit is over, as well as the deposit length can be extended automatically when a payee is 18 y.o. as of a deposit length extension date.
“Pension capital” deposit
“Pension capital” deposit Your pensioner ID card gives you access to establish “Pension capital” special deposit. RRDB provides flexible service conditions to senior people and manages savings of senior people with special awareness and attention. Depositors may draw interest on a monthly basis and withdraw a part of the deposit during the whole length of the deposit.
“Smart money” deposit
Are you already a holder of RRDB-emitted bank card? You can pay funds available at your bank card in “Smart money” deposit and obtain interest on the deposit. Any RRDB’s ATM and RBS are available options to establish or replenish “Smart money” deposit. 1 RUR, 1 US Dollar and 1 Euro is a minimum initial deposit amount.