Insurance against accidents and diseases

When drawing up a consumer loan, you take on additional financial obligations.

It is important to be sure that these obligations will be fulfilled in all circumstances.

The Bank offers its customers a program of insurance against accidents and diseases1 that will allow receiving an insurance payment to pay off the loan debt in the event that the 1st or 2nd disability group or loss of life is established to the Insured person.


  • financial support for you and your loved ones;
  • insurance coverage is valid twenty-four seven in the whole world;
  • simple conditions of connection: you can sign the application, at the time of registration of the application for a loan;
  • instant protection - the program begins to act immediately after the registration of the loan;
  • Your protection is always equal to the amount of the loan received. The funds remaining after repayment of the loan debt will be transferred to the insured person or his successor.


Insurance events

  • Departure from the life of the insured person (borrower) as a result of an accident or illness.
  • Loss of the ability of the insured person (borrower) to work and the establishment of I or II disability group as a result of an accident or illness.


Insured amount is equal to the initial loan amount.

Cost of the insurance program — 1.7% per annum from the insured amount.

Connection fee for the insurance program is calculated individually, based on the terms of the insured amount.

For more information about the insurance program, please call:

8 800 700-03-49 or in the nearest branch of the Bank.

1 Insurance under this program is performed in partnership with SOGAZ JSC (FFMS [Federal Financial Markets Service] license No. 1208 77 dated 16/08/2011) and Ingosstrakh-Zhizn IC LLC (FSFM license No. 3823 77 dated 29/08/2013). Participation in the program is voluntary and doesn’t serve as a mandatory condition for issuing consumer loan to RRDB Bank (JSC). Non-participation of the borrower in this voluntary insurance program is not a ground for refusal in lending by RRDB Bank (JSC). The borrower can insure himself at his own discretion in any insurance organizations with the provision to the Bank of relevant documents.