VISA cards

The cards of the Russian Regional Development Bank are a modern and efficient payment tool.

RRDB cardholders benefit from:

  • New services
  • Convenience of use
  • Speed of transactions
  • Great reliability

With RRDB cards, you can withdraw money and pay for goods and services in any currency. RRDB cards are accepted across Russia and anywhere in the world.
RRDB offers to its clients a high level of service and a well-developed service infrastructure. The bank issues VISA International cards from the simplest (VISA Electron) to the most sophisticated (VISA Platinum). The bank runs its own processing center fitted with up-to-date equipment, which allows our clients to access and benefit from additional services:

A bank cardholder can benefit from round-the-clock assistance provided by professionals from the customer support service. This service deals with all issues relating to the use of our bank cards, including with card loss or theft.

With our bank cards, you can:

  • Get cash
  • Pay for goods and services at any time, anywhere in the world
  • No need to declare currency when you go abroad
  • Register additional cards to the account of the main cardholder for his/her relatives
  • Rent a car, make hotel reservations.

Cardholders’ support service:
Tel.: 8 (495) 933-0349
Tel.: 8 (800) 700-0349