RRDB bank cards

The Russian Regional Development Bank is a principal member of VISA international payment system. The bank has been issuing VISA cards since 2005.

RRDB offers to individuals the following international bank cards: VISA Platinum, VISA Gold, VISA Classic, as well as the electronic bank card VISA Electron.

  • VISA Electron

    VISA Electron is the easiest card to get, initially aimed at students, young people, and customers with limited income or getting a bank card for the first time. This card allows carrying out transactions in real time only.

  • Visa Virtual

    A VISA VIRTUAL card may be used solely for payments in Internet. A VISA VIRTUAL card may not be used in the usual sales and service network or ATMs. The card does not have a magnetic strip and a strip for the client's signature.

  • VISA Classic

    VISA Classic is the standard bank card accepted around the world, including in online stores. It can be used to pay for goods and services purchased by phone or by mail. A VISA classic allows booking rooms in hotels and renting cars. This card is a universal and very common way of payment.

  • VISA Gold

    VISA Gold is an alternative to Visa Classic while offering more possibilities. It can be used to withdraw cash and to purchase goods and services wherever the Visa logo is displayed. A VISA Gold holder may benefit from discounts and advantageous proposals under the international scheme Visa Special Offers.

  • VISA Platinum

    VISA Platinum goes a step further than Visa Gold. The specific set of functions and services available with this card is devised to appeal and reflect the high standing of VISA Platinum cardholders.

Bank cards are a modern means of payment undeniably more practical than traditional cash payments.

It is now common practice all around the world to pay by cards as they considerably simplify the purchase of goods and services. Bank cards are equally useful to manage savings.

An RRDB VISA clearing bank card offers round-the-clock access to bank accounts within the limits of the funds on a personal bank account. If you have set up an overdraft facility on your card then you may use additional funds granted by the bank as a loan.

International bank cards are accepted for payment in millions of outlets and are served by over 300,000 ATMs. Russian banks in almost all regions work with international payment systems. In fact, these cards are served across Russia and worldwide.

Bank cards are not monetary funds so that the amounts placed on them do not need to be declared when crossing the Russian borders.

Safety is one of the major advantages provided by bank cards. Upon receipt of your card, you are issued with a unique PIN-code protecting the card against unauthorized use. Should you lose your card, you only need to call your bank to block the card. Then upon your request, the bank will issue a new card. Should difficulties arise or should you need more detailed information, our customer support service will provide you with top assistance round-the-clock. New services for cardholders are constantly being developed. Currently, you can use services such SMS-informing, TELECARD, insurance services, etc., and additional cards can be issued for your bank account.