Support service for cardholders

To promptly solve all issues regarding bank card use, RRDB has set up a Support Service for Cardholders.

This service works round-the-clock every day, including weekends and bank holidays.

RRDB cardholders can contact this service and ask any questions relating to bank card services:

  • Information on card balance of payments and other card transactions;
  • Issue and service of cards;
  • Urgent blocking of card in case of loss/theft by telephone or written request of the cardholder;
  • Advice on the procedure to follow in case of card withdrawal, loss or theft;
  • Unblocking of cards;
  • Information on current rates.

Please note that sometimes employees of the Support Service may ask additional information from cardholders to confirm their identities.

Telephone numbers of the support service for cardholders:
8 (495) 933-03-49
8 (800) 700-03-49