card types

Plastic cards from the Russian Regional Development Bank are a modern and convenient way to pay for goods and services, and an effective payment instrument which lets you have quick access to your bank account and monitor your expenses.

RRDB cardholders enjoy the following servicing advantages:

Convenience of use

A bank card allows you to stop using cash to pay for goods and services, which lets you use your monetary assets on your account quickly and flexibly without having to carry around large amounts of cash.

Quick access management for your account

In case of loss of a bank card or a threat to its payment details, you can quickly block the card with just one call to the Bank’s customer support service.

Unlimited use

Use your card to pay for goods and services in any country of the world. When making a purchase or withdrawing cash in a currency different from the currency of the card, the money will be converted automatically in accordance with the Bank’s exchange rate.

Distance payment for services

With the Bank’s card in your hand, you can book a hotel or pay for your orders at an online store without leaving your home.

RRDB clients gain access to extra services:

  • Payments for mobile telephony services, digital TV and Internet services with ATMs.
  • Payments on utility bills, and money transfers from one card to another, or to the current account
  • Provision of information on all transactions (withdrawal of cash, payments for goods or services, crediting of an account) and balance of payments in a bank card via email or SMS service to your mobile phone
  • Crediting of an account and account management via ATMs for Smart Money deposits

The RRDB round-the-clock customer support service will quickly answer any questions our cardholders may have, including if your card was lost or stolen.

The RRDB offers its clients high standards of servicing and a well-developed infrastructure based on its own processing center with the most up-to-date equipment. The bank issues cards for international payment systems such as VISA Inс. and MasterCard WW, ranging from the most moderate (Maestro) cards to de Luxe products (Gold, Platinum, Infinite, Black Edition), for Mir, the national system of debit cards with distance payments technology – VISA PayWave and MasterCard PayPass. Such cards are the latest generation of debit cards that enable their holders to use the latest payment methods with just one touch.

With an RRDB card, you get round-the-clock access to your bank account. The bank lets the cardholders apply for overdraft on their cards so you will be able to use extra funds provided by the Bank as a loan.

International cards by RRDB are accepted in dozens of millions of sale outlets and serviced at over 300,000 ATMs throughout Russia and in all countries across the globe.

A bank card is not a monetary asset, and that is why the money on your card account do not have to be declared when crossing the border of the Russian Federation.

One of the most prominent advantages of bank cards is their security. When you are issued a bank card, you receive a unique secret PIN code which protects the card from unauthorized use. The 3D-Secure service ensures safe payments online while using the card details. If the card is lost, just call the Bank’s customer support and block the card. Fill in an application, and the Bank will issue a new card for you. If there are any difficulties or when you need advice, specialists of the Bank’s customer support service will always provide high-qualified consulting service at any time of the day.