Additional services

In addition to standard services for card users, the Russian Regional Development Bank offers other services that are provided to RRDB cardholders. New additional services for cardholders are constantly being developed.

RRDB clients may have additional cards issued for their bank account and can use the following services: sms-informing, Countdown discount program, TELECARD service, insurance services or getting additional statements. RRDB continues using the possibilities offered by new banking technologies so that every customer may get full, quick and convenient service. Smart Money deposits were developed especially for RRDB cardholders. These deposits can be opened and topped-up using any RRDB ATM without having to visit a bank office.

  • Utility payments, payments for the services of mobile services, commercial TV, telephone communications, and Internet providers
  • SMS-informing
  • Discount program (Countdown)
  • Insurance services for cardholders
  • Additional statements for bank cardholders
  • TELECARD service
  • Smart Money deposit