bank cards  

convenience and reliability

The issue and service of VISA and MasterCard on the basis of its own processing center is one of the major and rapidly developing work areas of the bank. The scope of RRDB card business is growing as the number of cards issued by the bank increases along with the number of transactions per card. Thanks to the latest equipment and its powerful processing center, the bank can offer additional services to its clients when they use their cards. RRDB is also in a position to improve the protection of the information processed and the speed of transactions, while reducing operational risks and rapidly developing new card services.

RRDB ATM and POS-terminals network is developing rapidly as their number is steadily increasing in all the regions. Multifunctional ATMs have been installed in shopping centers, sport and health centers, airports, hotels, petrol stations, and many other frequently visited locations. The terminals operate round-the-clock and accept all types of cards so that RRDB full financial service is now available outside its bank offices. The bank also provides its cardholders with round-the-clock support service.