Private Banking

The Russian Regional Development Bank offers the best of its financial products –
Private Banking.

For RRDB the concept of Private Banking represents our customers’ lifestyle. We offer banking solutions and new financial means, which can become an integral part of your life.

Private Banking service saves your time and simplifies challenging  personal finance management issues . RRDB offers to its VIP customers an integrated and comprehensive delivery of all its banking products in the right place and at the right time. Private Banking is a bank within the bank. Thanks to RRDB’s ability to adapt to ever-changing market conditions and its experience in working with large corporate customers we developed a new product that we offer to our most valued individual customers.

The up-to-date Private Banking service assumes that the most valued and respectable customers are attracted and served with the superior quality. An employee from a specialized department of the bank (VIP customers Department) assigned to work with you on a personal basis. Wherever you are, this employee will fulfill your requests. RRDB’s advanced information technology allows us to fulfill your requests as quickly as possible. 

  • Private Banking represents our working flexibility and commitment to provide the best conditions taking into account your individual needs and particularities.
  • Private Banking is our guarantee that your banking transactions are carried out under preferential conditions. We’ll always make a conciliatory gesture toward you – the “last inch” will be only to your advantage.
  • Private Banking is a particular business style and a sure protection of your financial interests.
  • Private Banking is the privacy and trust that we can provide.
  • Private Banking is a bank which is always with you.

RRDB’s Private Banking services

  • Fixed-term deposits
  • Credit financing
  • Securities
  • Transactions with precious metals
  • VIP bank cards
  • Transactions with precious metals
  • VIP bank cards
  • Payments and cash management

For more information, please contact
VIP-clients Department

Telephone: (495) 933-03-43, (916) 800-09-18