RRDB now among the top 5 most reliable Russian banks

At the end of the 3rd quarter of 2011, the Russian Regional Development Bank was among the top 5 most reliable Russian banks according to the ranking of the magazine Profile. This survey was conducted among the top 100 largest credit institutions in the Russian banking system.

Moreover, as the magazine notes: “Compared with the second quarter, the number of reliable players has dropped from 45 to 42, while the highest reliability score fell from 51.38 to 45.37.” By contrast, in the 3rd quarter RRDB strengthened its position in the magazine ranking and went up 5 ranks compared with the 2nd quarter.

Profile assesses the reliability level of banks using its own method. While doing so, the magazine takes into account various parameters such as capital adequacy, liquidity of banking activities, share of borrowed funds on the interbank lending market, and a number of other indicators. To be rated by Profile, credit institutions must have a license, operate on the market for at least three years, be among the top 100 banks in terms of capital and assets, and score at least 25 points on the reliability scale established by the magazine. According to this method, RRDB scored 40.51 reliability points.