Forbes list confirms RRDB high reliability

The annual rating of Forbes magazine has confirmed RRDB high reliability.

At the end of 2010, the Russian Regional Development Bank has kept its position among the leading banks in terms of reliability. In the prestigious rating of the magazine Forbes, RRDB re-entered the top 30 most reliable among the top 100 largest Russian credit institutions.

Forbes divided into several reliability groups the top 100 banks in terms of assets based on evaluations of the most authoritative rating agencies (Moodys, Fitch, Standard&Poor's). According to Forbes rating, RRDB is in the second strongest group with a four-star conditional rating. In Forbes rating, RRDB also occupies the 655th place in terms of assets and the 80th in terms of capital.

RRDB is also ranked 70th in terms of profitability, 56th in terms of population invested funds and 120th in terms of capital.

Over the past few years, the magazine Forbes has been consistently ranking RRDB among the most reliable banks in Russia.