Russian Regional Development Bank keeps up with enhancement of its business reputation as one of the strongest and the most reliable domestic banks.

RRDB’s financial credibility is confirmed by leading international rating agencies and the expert community. Qualitative indicators of financial activity are one of main criteria used to assess a banking institutions status. Shareholders structure, transparency of ownership pattern, participation of public companies or enterprises which obtain the state backing in an equity of a bank are taken into account. The strategic and comprehensive cooperation of RRDB with its principal shareholder – Rosneft Oil Company, as well as the cooperation with enterprises of the real economy sector, mainly with fuel and energy enterprises are key factors.

The years-long participation in the national deposit insurance scheme is a complementary factor to the Banks stable position. Besides as accredited by the Deposit Insurance Agency RRDB is a certified banking institution to pay compensations to bank creditors where an insurance event occurred.

bankiru-logo.png TOP-50 by its assets
TOP-20 by its net profit ratio
header__logo.png 40th position by its equity volume
profile-nra.png 12th position by its reliability
Forbes 29th position among the most reliable Russian banks
Moody’s Long-term and short-term foreign currency ratings Ba3/NP

Its among banking institutions guarantees of which can be used as a security for loans of the Bank of Russia.

Its among banking institutions adhering to all requirements for the relevant international level (The Central Bank of the Russian Federation

Its among banking institutions appointed by the Bank of Russia to hold retirement savings




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(according to the Central Bank of the Russian Federation).
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