Cash and settlement services

RRDB has based its high quality cash management services on the principles of a flexible combination of standardized products and technological processes, with an individual approach to its clients.

RRDB provides the following services for settlements and cash services to its clients:

  • Opening/maintenance & closure of various types;
  • Remote banking services;
  • Non-cash transactions;
  • Settlement services;
  • Letters of credit;
  • Exchange controls;
  • Collection services.

CMS provides all services according to office management rules and customers convenience.

Making payments in the current banking day

RRDB allows its clients to execute payments during the current banking day, not only within the cash balances at the beginning of the day, but from funds received by the client during the current banking day as well as after the end of trading day. This allows customers to reduce RRDB remaining uncommitted funds in the account which increases the speed and efficiency of money management resources.