bank cards  

Corporate Cards – the perfect tool for control of employee business expenses.

Corporate cards combine the speed of cash payments with the security of large cashless payments.

The system routinely provides statements allowing your company total accuracy in tracking your employees’ spending, and opportunities for analysis and planning for future expenses.

Employee salary payroll programs may involve the use of RRDB Visa Bankcards in order to facilitate the employee's access to their money as and when they wish, using the bank's ATM machines that could be installed in the client's place of business, offering considerable advantages to both management and employees. This process removes the need for complex accounting procedures.

Should you wish, you can opt to use the RRDB payroll project:

  • to reduce the costs associated with your company's employee payroll (e.g. cash operations, storage, transportation of cash);
  • the ability to deposit employees payments on time;
  • to reduce unnecessary administrative costs, processing and storage of large volumes of paper documents (e.g. invoices, receipts);
  • to automate the salary payment process;
  • for facilitating employee bank loans repayments directly from staff salaries;
  • to reduce the risks involved with physical transportation and receipt of cash.

Thanks to VISA International and its own processing center, RRDB benefits from many opportunities to implement its payroll card and Acquiring programs. RRDB offers to retail (service) enterprises to work together to provide services to VISA and MasterCard cardholders.

Acquiring is the possibility to accept bank cards for transactions with customers. Customers paying with bankcards are a good way to increase an enterprise's turnover.

The advantages of working with RRDB

  • Favorable financial conditions of cooperation.
  • Minimum time for reimbursement of funds for ongoing operations.
  • Daily monitoring, reliability and safety of operations.
  • Provision of the necessary equipment and consumables.
  • Education of staff to work with international and Russia's bankcards.

Corporate Client advantages

  • Improved image and increased competitiveness.
  • Increased turnover by attraction of new client bankcard holders.
  • Reducing of collection costs .
  • Exclusion of trafficking, counterfeiting and fraud.
  • Simplicity and ease of working with bankcards.

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