Deposits of legal entities

Russian Regional Development Bank offers favorable conditions for placing free cash funds of legal entities in rubles and foreign currency. Clients will be helped to select individual conditions, structure investments depending on the purposes and terms of placement of the deposit.

RRDB (JSC) Bank meets the requirements for credit institutions, according to RF Government Regulation No. 1080 dated 21/12/2011 “On investing temporarily free funds of public corporations, public companies”. The Bank is included in the list of credit institutions that meet the requirements of the Federal Law “On Opening Bank Accounts and Letters of Credit, on concluding bank deposit agreements, on maintaining a register of securities owners by business entities of strategic importance for the defense industry and security of the Russian Federation, and amending certain legislative acts of the Russian Federation”.

RRDB (JSC) Bank is included in the list of banks in which the placement of funds of self-regulatory organizations' self-regulatory organizations (SRO), as well as placement of pension savings and pension reserves.

  • Deposit
    Placement of cash in deposits in the RRDB (JSC) Bank provides an opportunity to receive a stable profit and effectively protect your finances from inflation. Interest is paid monthly, quarterly or on expiry date of the agreement.

  • Public deposit account
    Based on the current legislation, RRDB (JSC) Bank opens a public escrow account to notaries, bailiffs, courts, as well as to other authorities or persons whose competence in accordance with the law includes the opening of this account for the deposit of funds.

  • Minimum balance
    Between the customer, settlement account owner, and the Bank, the agreement is made on the amount of the minimum balance on the current account and the period of storage of financial assets. In the event of violation of the terms and conditions, the contract is terminated and no interest is accrued by the Bank.
    Interest rates on deposits/minimum balances depend on the terms and amount of placement of the deposit/minimum balance.