Investments and securities

RRDB is among the largest of the universal banks and provides clients with a full range of investment banking services.

RRDB offers to raise funds for corporate clients directly from the debt capital market.

As international practice shows, it allows access to cheaper and longer-term financial resources and direct financial investments.

Advantages of working with RRDB

  • Individual approach to each project.
  • Ability to provide a full range of investment banking services at any stage of the project.
  • High level of service at all stages of the project.
  • The presence of an extensive customer base and an extensive branch network.
  • Strong business relationships with Russian and foreign banks and contractors.

Basic Services

  • Project Financing
  • Bonds
  • Government and corporate OFZ Brokerage
  • Securities
  • Custody services
  • Market-maker procedure

The provision of information and documents to investors in connection with the circulation of securities.