As part of its strategy to support the real economy, RRDB provides loans to corporate clients and offers various forms of lending, including syndicated loans, standard loans and lines of credit, guarantees and letters of credit. RRDB also provides investment lending.

Work on the implementation of credit programmes is with commercial and industrial businesses in various fields, including petroleum, road construction and livestock, And the RRDB has fostered strong partnerships that have worked long and well. The Bank offers credit to both large and medium-sized businesses which demonstrate a stable financial condition.

  • Overdraft lending
  • Overdraft "Fuel"
  • Loan products for the counterparties of Rosneft
  • Term loans

    RRDB provides customers with one-time (term) credits or opens revolving and non- revolving credit lines for repayment of floating assets in the framework of financing the current (primary) activity of the companies. A borrower can be any legal entity.

    The crediting term for these credit products for repayment of floating assets is limited to 12 months (for term credits) and 18 months (for credit lines). When providing the appropriate justification within the scope of expanding the company's business activities, the crediting term can be extended for up to 36 months.

    This type of credit product assumes the existence of confirmation of primary sources of repayment of the borrower's obligations to the bank – the possibility of the provision the blank with credit product (without pledged collateral) is determined based on the analysis of primary sources of repayment. As security for the transaction may be immovable and movable property, while the pledgor can act as the customer itself, and the third legal entity or individual.

  • Tender lending

    Among a number of banking products, it is necessary to separate the tender crediting.

    Borrowers are provided with cash to create the security deposit for participation in the tender, contest or auction. Tenders are held for the purpose of placing orders for the supply of goods, performing works, rendering services for state and municipal needs, as well as for commercial non-government orders. Cash is provided for participation in one or several tenders, as well as for participation in one or several lots within the framework of one tender, contest or auction. The borrower can be any legal entity.

    Types of credit products provided: credit and non-revolving credit line (for the formation of security deposits with participation in several tenders).

    The term of tranches for tender crediting is limited to 3 months or depends on the date of the tender + 3 months.

    The guarantees made by the owners of the company are issued as security for the credit product.

  • Lending of investment projects
  • Individual lending schemes

    Priority direction of the activity of RRDB is the principle of individual approach to each customer. Each customer has the opportunity to get a personal customer manager. Professional specialists will help you navigate in the variety of banking products, will offer the individual crediting scheme convenient for the customer, the suitable rate and will support the crediting process from the moment of receiving the application to the full repayment of obligations to the bank.