Safe deposit
box rental

Safe Deposit Boxes may be used for storing items of value - jewelry, securities, legal documents, etc. They may not used for storage of anything that might be described as illegal under the law.

A Safe Deposit Box may not be used for storing explosives, flammables, toxic and/or radioactive substances, weapons, ammunition, drugs, medicines, as well as any items that can have harmful effects on human health and/or the environment.

Safe Deposit Boxes are stored in a repository, usually securely attached to the storage room wall with individual doors and locks with double-key systems.

These Safe Deposit Boxes are located in a specially equipped room, physically secured and electronically protected with alarm systems.

Safe Deposit Boxes are under round-the-clock security.

Clients or their proxies may access their safe deposit boxes upon request.

Bank employees are prohibited from opening any Client’s safe without the express permission of the client. Two keys exist, comprising one for the customer and one for the bank. Safe Deposit Box access is only possible using these two keys jointly:

  • Customer Key
  • Bank Key (Master Key)

It is impossible to open any safe with only one of these keys.

Rental of Safe deposit boxes is available under contract with the Bank.