Trust management

"Portfolio investment" is a partner of RRDB in market asset management - "Portfolio investment" has been in business since 1996 and is part of the RRDB.

The company's priority is the individual trust management of private and institutional clients, asset management, pension funds, insurance reserves, group investments, closed-end mutual funds and pension savings funds. The company has highly diversified business lines. The choices of assets for investments are based on the analyses of macroeconomic factors and the fundamental evaluations of issuers, including those supported by the RRDB's strong analytical centre.

RRDB is the agent for the distribution of investment funds units, managed by "Portfolio Investment". management company.

Types of Mutual Funds managed by "Portfolio Investments":

  • Private Investment Fund venture capital "First Private Equity Fund"
  • Interval Mutual Investment Fund (MIF) mixed investments "Agora - Open Market"
  • Interval MIF shares "Agora - Russia's IPO"
  • Open UIF/MIF mixed investments "Agora - The Foundation Savings"
  • Clear MIF shares "Agora - Market Shares".
  • Private Investment Fund venture capital "Productive Capital" (formed February 2009).
  • Investment strategies types of funds allow potential investors to diversify their investments, according to criteria of risk and income, based upon the client's personal wishes.


  • Asset management of private and corporate entities.
  • Management of investment trust units.
  • Management of the corporate funded part of Russian citizen's pensions.
  • Management of NPF (Non-Governmental Pension Fund) reserves and insurance companies.


  • "National Rating Agency"-level "A+" 
    (high reliability, the highest level, positive outlook).
  • "Expert RA"- at the level "A" 
    (a high level of reliability and quality of service).

Managing Company "Portfolio investment"

101000, Moscow, Bolshoi Zlatoustinskiy Lane. 2 / 8
Tel.: 7(495) 642-6730