Russian Regional Development Bank provides acquiring services to the trading and service companies and performs settlement services for transactions made using bank cards of payment systems VISA Inc., MasterCard WorldWide.

At the conclusion of the contract for the sale of goods/works/services using cards, RRDB free of charge provides the enterprise with all necessary equipment, advertising and consumables, and also trains personnel.

Bank performs the transfer of funds from operations with bank cards to the account that you specify in the contract.

Bank has the ability to adapt cash registers (IBM, IPC, IBS, Fujitsu, etc.) to accept international cards.

RRDB offers mobile portable terminals with the possibility of authorization over a dedicated communication channel. This allows you to minimize the time for the operation up to 30 seconds and unload the telephone lines.

Advantages of accepting cards for payment

  • Competitiveness of the enterprise and its turnover is increased due to the provision of acquiring services, the demand for which is constantly growing, as the number of bank card holders.

  • Enterprise, using a non-cash payment method, is exempt from the cost of collection and recalculation of funds.

  • Accepting payment cards of various payment systems provides customers with a wide range of payment options.

  • Your customers will be able to spend large sums and do it much more often, since they will not be limited by available cash.

  • Card holders are easier to make unplanned purchases.

  • You will not be afraid of fake banknotes and fraud, working with cards is much easier and safer.

Bank guarantees favorable terms of service and reimbursement of funds as soon as possible.