RRDB is one of the leading banks in terms of financial reliability

The magazine Finance has once again ranked the Russian Regional Development Bank among the most financially reliable credit organizations. RRDB financial reliability has been rated at B+. Estimations were made on the basis of reported data at the end of the 1st quarter of 2011.

When rating reliability, the magazine Finance considers the level of external support, the ownership structure, as well as financial performance results. The magazine experts have reviewed RRDB’s financial reports published according to Russian and international standards, quarterly reports of securities issuers, the interactions between banks and entities, which substantially affect the decision making process of the bank, annual reports, as well as information from official sites.

Finance rating is based on formal evaluations of assets, liabilities, capital and liquidity, as well as on a qualitative assessment of non-financial information. The following factorsare taken into account: fluctuations, structure and amount of liquid assets, securities portfolio, loan portfolio and other issued funds, funding sources, capitalization adequacy, performance of mandatory economic standards, liquidity position and other indicators. The qualitative analysis entails assessing the possibility of obtaining bank support and funding from the state or the owners, as well as assessing the scale of business.