Special mortgage conditions for real estate with project financing of the RRDB Bank

07/28/2023 02:06:00 pm

RRDB presents a new mortgage program "Acquisition of real estate in construction facilities under project financing of the bank". As part of the program, the RRDB offers special lending conditions for the purchase of apartments in the residential complex "Bolshaya Akademicheskaya, 85" by PIK company group and the "Podolsk Quarters" residential complex by Samolet company group in Moscow.

Mortgages on these objects can be issued at the rates:

- from 5.3% to 5.40% per annum under the Family Mortgage program;

- 7.35% per annum under the Mortgage with a Subsidized Rate;

- 4.4% per annum under the Mortgage for IT Specialists.

The initial payment will be from 15% of the real estate value, the loan term is from 5 to 30 years and the loan amount is from 1 million rubles to 18 million rubles (depending on the loan program).

Loan currency: Russian rubles. There may be additional costs for state registration of the transaction, real estate valuation, payment for notary services, and insurance. There are no commissions. The age of the borrower is from 21 to 70 years at the end of the loan term. The terms of lending for a particular borrower are determined by the bank on an individual basis and may differ from these terms. Basic interest rates are indicated in the presence of all types of insurance: mandatory – property (risks of damage, loss / destruction of real estate), at the request of the borrower – personal (life and health insurance). In the absence of any/all types of insurance, the loan rate increases by 0.5 percentage points for each type of insurance, respectively (if applicable by the terms of the program). The total cost of the loan is from 5,310% to 9,898% per annum.

Detailed information about the conditions of the Acquisition of Real Estate in Construction Facilities under Project Financing of the Bankprogram, about loan products, requirements for the borrower, a set of documents and a list of accredited developers and construction projects can be obtained at the offices, on the website or by calling the RRDB contact center: 8 (800) 700-03-49, round the clock, toll free in the Russian Federation. The information provided is valid from 20.07.2023, is for reference purposes and is not a public offer.