RRDB Consumer Loans – Rates Get Lower!


In May the RRDB improved consumer credit terms again by lowering interest rates for the second time. Now the rates range from 15.0% to 20.0% when the borrower has insurance*, depending on the loan term. The loan amount ranges from 30 thousand to 10 million Russian rubles**. The loan term is from 13 to 84 months.

Employees of the Bank's partner companies, holders of the Bank's salary cards, employees of state and municipal budget institutions can use the Bank's consumer credit programs. You can apply for a loan on the Bank's website, in the offices of the RRDB, or address to a personal manager.

The reduction of the regulator's key rate provides an opportunity to form more attractive loan offers, and the RRDB always uses such opportunities in the interests of its clients.

To learn more about the terms of credit products, please visit the Bank's website or call the Bank's contact center: 8 (800) 700-03-49. The information provided is valid from 30.05.2021, is for reference purposes, and is not a public offer.

*If there is no connection to the accident and disease insurance program, the interest rate increases by 2 percentage points. The fee for the borrower's joining o the Contract of Insurance against Accidents and Diseases is 1,7% of the loan amount for each year of insurance. Full loan value range: from 17.000% to 25.620%. Loan currency: Russian rubles.

**The loan amount depends on the solvency, the segment of the borrower, and the availability of a co-borrower.