RRDB starts issuing co-badging cards UnionPay-Mir


Russian Regional Development Bank (RRDB) started issuing co-badging cards of “Mir” and UnionPay payment systems. The main feature of the cards is the possibility of their use in the entire acceptance network of UnionPay cards around the world. Operations on cards made in Russia are serviced as operations on cards of the “Mir” payment system, and operations performed abroad are serviced through the UnionPay payment system.

Cardholders will also be granted privileges from both payment systems: the cashback service of the “Mir” payment system with the possibility to return up to 20% of the funds spent on the card for purchases from service partners, as well as discounts and special offers from UnionPay

The launch of the joint co-badging project of RRDB with the “Mir” and UnionPay payment systems allows to expand the capabilities of bank’s customers. They will be able to use the usual national payment card not only in Russia, but also when settling abroad.

Information sheet

UnionPay payment system, founded in China in 2002, is the fastest developing network in the world. In circulation there are more than 7 billion bank cards, which are accepted for payment in 169 countries. The UnionPay card service network exceeds 2.57 million ATMs and more than 51 million trade and service companies around the world.

“Mir” payment system - is the Russian national payment system. Its participants are 344 banks almost all of them are already accepting and servicing the “Mir” cards in their devices network. More than 150 banks are engaged in the issuance of “Mir” cards. Up to date, more than 37 million cards have been issued. Cards are accepted abroad due to co-badging programs with international payment systems.