RRDB showed a high level of growth of key indicators in 2018


Russian Regional Development Bank again showed a high level of growth of key performance indicators in the past year.

According to the “Profile” magazine with reference to the NRA, RRDB provided a net profit of 10,581.1 million rubles up to EARD [events after reporting date] (including EARD 10,036 million rubles) and ranked 15th among the most profitable Russian banks, as well as 11th place in the top banks with the largest balances in corporate clients' accounts.

In 2018, RRDB actively increased its credit portfolio and ranked 15th among the banks that issued the most credits to private companies, according to NRA analysts. According to the Banki.ru profile portal, RRDB is in 17th position in terms of the credit portfolio, in 15th place in terms of credits to organizations and in 37th in terms of credits to individuals.

On the number of funds raised from organizations, the portal Banki.ru has put RRDB on the 12th place.

The stable positions of RRDB are confirmed by the necessary capital adequacy. According to Expert RA analysts, based on the reports of credit institutions, at the end of 2018, RRDB ranked 4th among the largest banks in terms of assets ranked by H1.0. According to Banki.ru, as of 01 January 2019, RRDB ranks 11th in terms of capital and 17th in terms of assets.

The steady growth of indicators and stable positions in 2018 were noted by the expert community. RRDB was among the top 15 most reliable banks in Russia according to Forbes and also won the “Financial Elite” Award in the “Development Dynamics” nomination.