RRDB began to accept biometric data for remote identification


The Russian Regional Development Bank began to provide a service for the placement and updating of biometric personal data of individual customers in the Unified Biometric System (UBS).

Any individual who is a client of the bank will be able to hand over biometric personal data (take a picture and record a voice sample) to RRDB. The collected biometric personal data will be transferred to the UBS, which is operated by Rostelecom PJSC as ordered by the Government of the Russian Federation. The UBS will ensure the collection, processing and storage of biometric personal data, as well as confirmation of their compliance with the initially submitted biometric samples. The service is provided at the request of the client for free.

After the delivery of biometric personal data, an individual will be able to remotely open deposits and accounts, arrange loans, make transfers and payments in any bank. To do this, it will be enough to pass authorization in the Unified Identification and Authentication System (UIAS - State Services) and confirm your biometric personal data using a smartphone, tablet or computer using a camera and microphone.

From 03 June 2019, the service is provided at the following additional offices of RRDB:

  • Additional office “Begovoy” in Moscow: 3, Begovaya St., bld. 1, prem. No. LIX, room 13, Moscow (closed access);
  • Additional office “Shabolovsky” in Moscow: 10, Shabolovka St., building 2, Moscow;
  • Additional office “Sofiysky” in Moscow: 26/1, Sofiyskaya Embankment, bld. 1, entrance 6, room 206, Moscow, (closed access);
  • Operational office in Voronezh: 11, Kirov St., Voronezh, Voronezh Region;
  • Operational office in Lipetsk: 102, Gagarin St., Lipetsk, Lipetsk Region;
  • Operational office in Tambov: 3, Astrakhanskaya St., Tambov, Tambov Region;
  • Operational office in Belgorod: 50, Belgorodskogo polka St., Belgorod, Belgorod Region;
  • Operational office in Bryansk: 1, Partizan Sq., Sovetsky District, Bryansk, Bryansk Region;
  • Operational office in Ryazan: 7, Pervomaysky Ave., Ryazan, Ryazan Region;
  • Operational office in Tver: 20, Lidia Bazanova St., Tver, Tver Region;
  • Operational office in Smolensk: 9, Oktyabrskoy Revolutsii St., bld. 3, Smolensk, Smolensk Region;
  • Operational office in Oryol: 16, Gagarin St., Oryol, Oryol Region;
  • Branch in Krasnodar: 13/1, Ordzhonikidze St., Krasnodar, Krasnodar Region;
  • Operational office in Rostov-on-Don: 119, Krasnoarmeyskaya St., Rostov-on-Don, Rostov Region;
  • Operational office in Volgograd: 19A, Kalinin St., Volgograd, Volgograd Region;
  • Operating office in Stavropol: 29, Dovatortsev St., Stavropol, Stavropol Region;
  • Branch in Samara: 11, Osipenko St., Samara, Samara Region;
  • Operational office in Ulyanovsk: 26, 2nd lane Mira, Ulyanovsk, Ulyanovsk Region;
  • Operational office in Penza: 89, Kalinin St., Penza, Penza Region;
  • Operational office in Saratov: 33/35, Nekrasov St., Saratov, Saratov Region;
  • Operational office in Izhevsk: 257, Pushkinskaya St., Izhevsk, Udmurtia;
  • Operational office in Ufa: 28, Mustaya Karim St., Ufa, Republic of Bashkortostan;
  • Operational office in Buzuluk: 71, Otakar Yarosh St., Buzuluk, Orenburg Region;
  • Branch in St. Petersburg: 6-8, Voskresenskaya Embankment, letter A, St. Petersburg;
  • Operational office in Arkhangelsk: 67, Obvodny Canal Ave. / 42, Popova St., Arkhangelsk, Arkhangelsk Region;
  • Operational office in Murmansk: 6, Samoylova St., Murmansk, Murmansk Region;
  • Operational office in Usinsk: 4, Stroiteley St., apt. 54, 67, 68, Usinsk, Komi Republic;
  • Branch in Nefteyugansk: 24, microdistrict 2, Nefteyugansk, Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Region - YUGRA, Tyumen Region;
  • Additional office in Gubkinsky: 1, microdistrict 3, Gubkinsky, Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Region;
  • Operational office in Yekaterinburg: 132, Belinsky St., Yekaterinburg, Sverdlovsk Region;
  • Branch in Novosibirsk: 2, Sibrevkom St., Novosibirsk, Novosibirsk Region;
  • Operational office in Barnaul: 69, Socialist Avenue, Barnaul, Altai Region;
  • Operational office in Tomsk: 28, Pushkin St., Tomsk, Tomsk Region.

Until the end of 2019, the service will be available throughout the RRDB branch network.