RRDB became the winner of the “Financial Elite of Russia” award


The Russian Regional Development Bank became the winner of the “Financial Elite of Russia 2018” Award.

RRDB was recognized as the winner in the “Dynamics of Development” nomination in the “Banks” subgroup. According to the Expert Council, “RRDB is one of the most reliable and financially stable credit organizations in Russia. The bank shows an impressive development dynamics across all business lines.”

The official summing up of the results, the awarding of laureates and the announcement of awards of the XIV Award “Financial Elite of Russia” took place on December 5 at the Cultural Center of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation in Moscow. The award diploma and plaque were presented to RRDB Senior Vice President Vladimir Andrianov. At the award ceremony, V. Andrianov thanked the Expert Council of the “Financial Elite of Russia” Award for appreciating the achievements of the bank.

“Financial Elite of Russia” Award

United Final Financial Award “Financial Elite of Russia” is an authoritative industry award testifying to the professional competence of the winners in the banking, insurance, investment business, asset management, leasing, factoring, sort code, audit and consulting services. “Financial Elite of Russia” Award encourages companies and financial market players to seek justifiable professional pride, stimulates the efforts of the professional community in the civilized development of the national financial system and the country's economy, and maintains high standards of business ethics and communication in the financial sector. The prize has been awarded annually since 2005.