RRDB “Children's Card” – an additional debit card for children and teenagers


Russian Regional Development Bank presents the “Children's Card” Visa Classic in Russian rubles with free issue and maintenance. With the help of the “Children's Card”, a modern analogue of pocket money, the child will learn how to plan his expenses, become familiar with the world of banking services and gradually acquire financial literacy. Card issue is allowed for children from 7 years old.

Among the main advantages of the “Children's Card” are the free service of the card and cash back* 5% of the amount of money spent on the card in the categories “Books”, “Stationery”, “Kids Products”, “Pet Stores”.

“Children's card” is issued only as an addition to the parent's card with the ability to establish limits on the operation of payment for goods and services, as well as cash withdrawals at ATMs.

* Cash back – Remuneration for purchases in the categories “Books” (MCC-codes 5192, 5942), “Stationery” (MCC-codes 2741, 5943, 5994), “Children's products” (MCC-codes 5641, 5945), “Pet shops” (MCC- code 5995), a maximum of 1,000 rubles per month.