Promotion “Date with art with Mastercard and RRDB”


The Russian Regional Development Bank, in partnership with Mastercard®, conducts an “Appointment with art with Mastercard and RRDB” campaign for holders of major debit and credit cards Mastercard RRDB *.

The promotion is held under the auspices of the events of 2019, declared in Russia the Year of the Theater.

Each participant of the promotion is given the opportunity to win two tickets to the Bolshoi Theater and a gift certificate for an amount not exceeding 70,000 rubles **. The total number of prizes is 5.

The promotion is held from 15 June to 31 July 2019.

To participate in the promotion you need:

open a new one or be a holder of a Mastercard® RRDB * bank card

in the period from 15/06/2019 to 31/07/2019, make at least 10 purchases from 1,000 rubles each with a Mastercard® RRDB * card

The organizer of the promotion is RRDB Bank (JSC).

Detailed information on the terms of the “Appointment with art with Mastercard and RRDB” campaign, the name and number of prizes based on the results of the campaign, the date, place and procedure for obtaining them can be found on the page of promotion.

* The promotion is held for Customers - holders of debit and / or credit cards of the international payment system Mastercard®: Mastercard Standard®, Gold Mastercard®, Platinum Mastercard®, World Mastercard®, World Mastercard Black Edition® issued by RRDB Bank (JSC).

** The participant is given the opportunity to receive a prize: “Two tickets to the Bolshoi Theater, a gift certificate of no more than 70,000 rubles and a cash part of the prize intended for paying taxes on the total value of the prize received”. The total number of prizes is limited to 5 pieces.