And we have “Holidays” – let’s go to the cinema! Free of charge cinema tickets for holders of RRDB-emitted “Holidays” Mastercard

11/02/2017 11:50:00 am
500 RUR-certificates to be used at are given away among campaign participants.
The following requirements are to be met to become a certificate holder:
- be a holder of RRDB-emitted “Holidays” Mastercard;
- make at least 10 transactions for an aggregate amount of at least RUR 20,000 within one of any calendar months when the campaign is active till December 29, 2017.
At each month-end winners will receive sms-message with a certificate code.
A number of certificates for 1 holder of “Holidays” Mastercard is unlimited.
The campaign will be held in the regions where RRDB stand-alone business units and internal structural units are present.
You can find more details about “Kinohod” certificate for holders of RRDB-emitted “Holidays” Mastercard at Campaign terms.