Promotion “Auto formula with Mastercard and RRDB”


Russian Regional Development Bank in partnership with MasterCard performs the promotion for holders of MasterCard bank cards issued by RRDB. Each participant in the promotion gets an opportunity to become the owner of one of two prizes - Mercedes-Benz S-Class cars*. This is an additional offer from RRDB for clients and partners of the bank in celebration of the Oilman Day.

To participate in the promotion, you must:

  • be an adult holder of the MasterCard ** bankcard of RRDB, a citizen of the Russian Federation.
  • from 1st September to 31st October 2018 to pay with the MasterCard card of RRDB for goods and services: in each calendar month, no less than 5 transactions amounting to 1,000 Russian rubles per operation.

Terms of the promotion

1st September – 31st October 2018 (inc.)                payment for purchases on the MasterCard card of RRDB Bank
1st November – 15th November 2018 (inc.)                           determination of the winners of the promotion
16th November – 28th December 2018 (inc.)                          awarding of the winners of the promotion

Detailed information about the organizer of the promotion ***, the terms of its performance, the name and number of prizes based on the results of its performance, terms, place and procedure for their receipt on the promotion page.

* The participant of the promotion has given the opportunity to receive a prize: the Mercedes-Benz S-Class car, as well as the money part, the size of which is determined by the formula: N = Q/0.65*0.35, where: Q - the cost of the Mercedes-Benz S-Class, issued together with additional money. The total number of prizes is limited to 2 pieces. A detailed description of the prize, the procedure and conditions for determining the winners of the promotion are indicated on the promotion page.

** The promotion is performed for customers holding the main credit and/or debit cards of the MasterCard® international payment system: MasterCard Standard®, Gold MasterCard®, Platinum MasterCard®, World MasterCard®, World MasterCard Black Edition® issued by RRDB Bank (JSC). The territory of the promotion is the territory of the location of the separate and internal structural divisions of RRDB Bank (JSC).

*** The organizer of the promotion: RRDB Bank (JSC). The promotion partner is the marketing agency TMA Marketing Services LLC in part of purchasing and awarding the prize fund of promotion.