Google Pay service is available to RRDB cardholders


For holders of RRDB cards of Visa and MasterCard payment systems, the contactless payment service Google Pay ™ has become available. Now, to make a purchase, you just need to unlock the smartphone and bring it to the payment terminal. To conduct a transaction, there is no need even to open the application.

Google Pay is free for customers. To start using it, just download the Google Pay app on your Google Play smartphone and add the RRDB card to it.

Payment using Google Pay is possible from smartphones with Android operating system version 5.0 and higher at points of sale that provide contactless card payment.

Google Pay provides users with the security and confidentiality of data by using instead of the card number when paying a token - special number, which is generated at the time of registration in the application. The data of these cards are not stored on the device and they are not transferred to the points of sale when paying.

For more information on the rules for using Google Pay, visit the
bank's website.

Google Pay is a trademark of Google Inc.