Management bodies

  • The RRDB Supervisory Board

    (elected by the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders as of 30.06.2015)

    Chairman of the Supervisory Board

    Pavel S. FEDOROV

    OJSC Rosneft Oil Company First Vice President

    Members of the Supervisory Board

    Oleg M. BUDARGIN

    PJSC Rosseti General Director

    Svetlana V. GRITSKEVICH

    OJSC Rosneft Oil Company Director of Corporate Management

    Igor L. DEMIN

    OJSC Rosneft Oil Company Security Service Deputy Director

    Boris Y. KOVALCHUK

    Chairman of the Board of Directors of OJSC "INTER RAO EES"

    Avriil Mary Ann CONROY

    OJSC Rosneft Oil Company Vice-president of Retail and Local Market Development

    Dmitry A. LEBEDEV

    OJSC JSCB RUSSIA Board Chairman

    Dina R. MALIKOVA

    Joint-Stock Company Russian Regional Development Bank President, Chairman of the Management Board

    Kirill G. SELEZNEV

    LLC Gazprom Mezhregiongas General Director

    Alexander A. SOKOLOV

    OJSC Rosneft Oil Company Director of Financial department

    Sergey V. SHISHIN

    OJSC (Open Joint Stock Company) VTB Bank Senior Vice-president

  • The RRDB Council

    Dina R. MALIKOVA

    President of the OJSC RRDB

    Vladimir A. ANDRIANOV

    Senior Vice-President


    Senior Vice-President, chief accountant

    Sergey S. NAUMOV


    Mikhail V. ROZIN

    Senior Vice-President


    Head of Risks Department

  • The RRDB President

    Dina R. MALIKOVA

    President of the OJSC RRDB