Social projects

Valuable contribution to public interest campaigns, sponsorship and charity events are considered by Russian Regional Development Bank to be a substantial part of its corporate social responsibility.

RRDB has been contributing to programs for regeneration of cultural heritage of our country throughout the years. Targeted funding for reconditioning and restoration of orthodox cultural facilities is provided by the Bank on a regular basis.

Assistance to Regional charity social organization of disabled war veterans – veterans of 4th Guards Tank Division was rendered by the Bank on repeated occasions.  

Projects implemented by International cultural center named after Sergey Dyagilev were sponsored by RRDB in 2016-2017 as part of its own program to launch regional social initiatives “From branch to branch”. In 2016 the sponsorship project was confined to two dates which are significant to RRDB – 20th anniversary of the Bank and 15th anniversary of Krasnodar Branch of the Bank. RRDB-sponsored stage performance “Anna Pavlova’s glorious realm of ballet”, where stars of leading theaters of Saint Petersburg, including Mariinsky Theatre participated, was shown in Krasnodar Philharmonia.  The concert, where ensembles of Cossack songs and dances “Krinitsa” and “Stanitsa” participated, held in Samara State Philharmonia was the next cultural event as part of “From branch to branch” project confined to 10th anniversary of Samara Branch.

The tour of Moscow Sretensky Monastery Choir was organized by RRDB on the occasion of 50th anniversary of Nefteyugansk city. Thanks to efforts of the bank citizens of Nefteyugansk could take pleasure in listening and watching this famous musical band which captivated the best concert venues of global capitals and gained a great number of fans among connoisseurs and fanciers of Russian classic songs.