Address of S.V. Tregub, Chairman of RRDB Supervisory Board

Dear All,

The Russian Regional Development Bank is one of the most efficient banks working with enterprises from the fuel and energy sector. On the domestic financial market, the brand RRDB has become a sign of reliability and stability.

For Rosneft, RRDB is a strategic credit institution providing the oil company with the continuous and well-managed services of a single financial mechanism. RRDB has developed and constantly improves its unique customer service system.

The purposeful involvement in the business partnership between RRDB and Rosneft of the oil company’s numerous contractors confers an additional competitive edge to the bank and allows further business development.

RRDB understanding of the specificities of the oil industry and its knowledge of the challenges that the holding and its subsidiary enterprises face are also instrumental to the bank success. As a strong settlement center and Rosneft financial adviser, RRDB pays particular attention to the convenience and efficiency of settlement schemes set up for Rosneft’s contractors. The speed of adoption and execution of financial solutions depends on it along with business success and its development.

For tens of thousands of Rosneft employees in Russia, RRDB has become a bank offering operative, flexible and individual solutions.

The oil company’s employees can benefit from all types of financial services ranging from regular service to specially developed banking products.

Rosneft and all RRDB clients value the high level of financial reliability and stability that the bank provides under any conditions. RRDB ensures that the requirements for these indicators are met as they allow strengthening the image and standing of the bank.

RRDB consistently high profitability level renders the bank particularly valuable for Rosneft. The oil company’s long term plans provide for a deepening of cooperation with the bank in key areas, as well as for expansion of its business.

Rosneft Vice-psident
Chairman of RRDB Supervisory Board